Pinterest Rolls Out a Creator Code to Aid Positivity

Pinterest Rolls Out a Creator Code to Aid Positivity

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In the attempt to raise the spirit of positivity on Pinterest, the good people of Pinterest ha decided to grace us with the Creator Code, a set of mandatory rules that encourage kindness. With this feature, the company hopes to keep negativity far away, while the platform remains a conducive environment for users.

Pinterest Rolls Out a Creator Code to Aid Positivity

The Creator Code Makes Kindness a Rule

Pinterest has given us a detailed explanation of how its Creator Code is going to work in a psot on the Pinterest Newsroom. Now you have accept the Creator Code’s guidelines before you can post Story Pins.

What the Creator Code acctually does is to discourage misinfoormation and helps creators to fact-check their content before posting. It also urges creator to keep their psots plain and full of kindness.

Pinterest notes that the Creator Code will officially be rolled out in the coming weeks. You can read the Code in its entirety on Pinterest’s Creator Code page.

It doesn’t stop there, Pinterest is also planning to offer a Creator Fund to help “elevate Creators from underrepresented communities through financial and education support.”

Pinterest New Moderate Tools

These new tools enable creators to easily delete certian types of content, as well as some unique keywords. Before all these can be put in place, Pinteret has devised a way to prevent negative content from appearing on the place which comes in form of Positivity Reminders for all users.

This will ask users to rethink posting offesive content, and will encourage them to read Pinterest’t content guideline.

Pinterest Attempt to Becoming a Better Platform

It’s good to know that a social media this is doing all it can to support its user positively. Hopefully, Pinterest’s Positivity Reminders and the Creator Code will help prevent any offensive content from being published, whether by creators or standard users.

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