Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Pinterest is taking a step forward to lure influencers to its platform with a new set of Instagram-like features. The company is launching two new features for creators who want to have a more permanent presence on the platform. Well, Story Pins is a version of Stories, and “creator profile,” which allow influencers to show off their work.

Story Pins, which is available now to select a group of creators, look a lot like Stories on other platforms. Users can upload photos and vertical videos with overlaid text and voice text and voice-over narration. But unlike other types of pins, Story Pins don’t need to link back to an outside website.

Pinterest Plans To Attract Lifestyle Influencers With Its Own Version Of Stories

Despite being one of the last social platforms without a dedicated space for a video, it makes sense that Pinterest would want to copy the format. Many of the creative endeavors people most associate wit Pinterest lend themselves to casual, first-person video.

But Story Pins could offer a boost to creators who are already established in their niche. What’s not yet clear is if or when Pinterest plans to make the feature available to all its users, not just the “creators” who can attract a bigger audience.

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