Petcube Cam Is A Tiny, Intelligent Way To Keep Tabs On Your Pets

Petcube Cam Is A Tiny, Intelligent Way To Keep Tabs On Your Pets

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The Cam is the company’s latest surveillance gadget and is tagged by a remote vet visit feature that couldn’t be better timed. The Cam is the simplest device from Petcube for now. While the Bites and Play line have specific standout features. Petcube is clearly setting a standard as more of a platform than a hardware company.

Petcube also made it most affordable with a selling price of $40 and made it very small. So, if you’ve been curious about jumping into the Petcube universe, or you just didn’t need the extra functionality, then this might be what you’re looking for.

The Cam shares the same modern design aesthetic of its larger siblings, but only measures 2.1 inches across. The cub-like camera sits in an adjustable stand and has mounts that should let you place it anywhere you choose. Just to be clear, it has to be within reach of an outlet but you will find a suitably long, flat USB type C cable inside the box.

Petcube Cam Is A Tiny, Intelligent Way To Keep Tabs On Your Pets

The camera part is similar to the bigger models, shooting in 1080p/FHD just with a slightly narrower field of view (110-degrees compared to 160 on Bites 2/Play 2). If you want to get even more specific, it’s using a 1/2.7-inch sensor with a 2.8mm focal length, I guess that’s more info than you may likely need.

The Cam, however, is much more discreet and should blend into most modern homes. While the provided cable is long, it’s not quite long enough, and you don’t really want visible cables hanging everywhere anyway. As expected, the Cam can also be used with Petcube’s premium service that offers more cloud storage for your videos, smart alerts, and other perks (starting at $3.99 a month). The $40 Cam is available starting today.

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