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Nursing Jobs in USA With Free Visa Sponsorship – Nursing is a high skill-intensive occupation and there are many opportunities for those who want to work in the field in USA. Although positions vary across countries, most nursing jobs require at least an associate degree. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the number of registered nurses will grow by 26% from 2016 to 2026 with a projected increase of 5488 job openings due to an aging baby boom population. With these opportunities on the rise, it’s no wonder so many people are now looking for nursing jobs in USA.

What are the benefits of a Nursing Job in USA?

If you’re looking for a nursing job in the United States, there are many benefits to working here, including:

  • Free healthcare
  • Excellent salary and benefits
  • A great work-life balance
  • Paid vacation
  • Generous 401k plan

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Types of Nursing Jobs in USA

There are many types of nursing jobs in the USA. Some of the most common types of nursing jobs include: registered nurse, LPN, RN, and CNM. Each of these nursing positions has its own unique benefits and responsibilities.

The registered nurse (RN) is probably the most common type of nursing job in the USA. A registered nurse is responsible for providing care to patients in a hospital or other healthcare facility. They will typically work in a team environment and are responsible for ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

The LPN is a lower-level nursing position that requires no formal education. An LPN typically works alongside a RN and provides basic care to patients. They may also be responsible for helping with administrative tasks within a healthcare facility.

The RN is the highest level of nursing position that is available in the USA. A RN typically holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and has completed some form of training to become certified. They are usually responsible for providing leadership within a nursing team and are often required to complete additional training to keep up to date with current trends in nursing care.

How to Get a Visa for Permanent Residency

If you are looking to immigrate to the United States and pursue a nursing career, there are a few ways to get a visa. Here are three methods that may be of interest to you:

1) You could apply for a J-1 visa if you are doing research at a U.S. academic institution. The J-1 visa is valid for up to 12 months and can be extended if required.

2) You could apply for a B-1 visa if you are coming to the U.S. to participate in an exchange program or meet with business associates. The B-1 visa is valid for up to six months and can be extended if required.

3) You could apply for a P-3 visa if you are coming to the U.S. as a professional athlete, entertainer, or other high-value individuals. The P-3 visa is valid for up to five years and can be extended if required.

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How to Find a Job as a Nurse in USA

There are many ways to find a nursing job in the United States, depending on your qualifications and experience. You can search online or through newspapers, classified ads, or staffing agencies.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the National Institute of Nursing Research’s website ( for resources about finding a nursing job in the United States. The site includes a database of jobs, including openings at hospitals, clinics, and private practices. You can also visit the website of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists ( to find jobs in anesthesiology and pain management.

Once you’ve found an opportunity that interests you, send your resume and cover letter to the employer. Make sure to include information about your qualifications and experience as a nurse, as well as your availability and how you would handle any questions that may be asked during the interview process.

Need Concluding Advice

If you are looking for nursing jobs in the United States, you may be wondering what kind of visa sponsorship you need. The good news is that there are a number of avenues that you can explore to get sponsored for a visa. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • First, make sure that you have a strong resume that showcases your qualifications as a nurse. Make sure to include keywords that relate to the type of nursing job that you are interested in.
  • Second, network with nurses who work in the United States and ask them if they know of any opportunities. You can also look online for job postings or databases that list nursing jobs in the United States.
  • Third, consider applying for a fellowship or scholarship in order to further your education and qualify for a visa. There are many prestigious programs available, so do your research before applying.
  • Last, be proactive and keep up-to-date on current immigration laws and regulations. This will help you understand what needs to be included in your visa application and how to best prepare your resume.

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Available Job

Job: Registered Nurse – F1/OPT Visa Sponsorship

Employer: Conexus

Location: Texas, USA

Type: Full-time

Salary: Undisclosed


•Enrolment in or a new graduate of a Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) or Associates in Nursing program in the U.S


•While you are working, Conexus MedStaff will file for your EB3 visa at no cost to you during your OPT

•Full Immigration Sponsorship (Green Card sponsorship)

•Competitive pay package

•Placement at one hospital with other Conexus international nurses

•Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

•Paid time off (PTO)

•Relocation reimbursement

•30 days free accommodation

•Life insurance

•NCLEX passing bonus

•Short-term and long-term disability insurance

•On-the-ground support from our Conexus team


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