Must See Innovations That Will Make You Believe China Lives In 2050

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China is currently the fast-growing economy in the world when it comes to AI. For some nations, having a population of over 1.3 billion like China would have been the end of the nation’s productivity but not China instead, they have increased their productivity by a reasonable percentage. In the past 10 years, their advancement and contribution to the world are undeniable. In technology, their advancement is even getting tech companies in the US worried. We currently live in the electronic (digital) age and no nation on earth can display this evidence to you like China. They have learned to consistently advance with the recent change in technology and there is no other person who can example that better to you than Jack Ma (The Richest Man in China).

This is a Chart from Harvard Business Review about the Chinese Economy

Chinese Growth Chart


Latest Chinese Innovations

The interesting thing about this great nation is they use the available resources they have to better their own life’s. In China, even kids are put in the league of innovation. Kids also invent stuff like toys that are being sold to other nations. They as a nation haven’t been relentless in breaking world records and you may wonder “Where does their inspiration come from?” Understanding leadership and inspiring governance is the simplest answer. Here is what would make you believe they live ahead of time.Must See Innovations That Will Make You Believe China Lives In 2050

  • Their use of Five Generate computers – That’s the use of robotics to carry out almost all task. This means they are the most advanced users of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the world. They even use robots as attendants in shops and staffs in hotels.
  • Setting up the first 5G mobile tech site serving the First China International Import
  • The innovation of Intelligent mirrors. The use of virtual mirrors to try out clothes without putting them on (Thanks to Alibaba Group for that). You can simply customize yourself on the mirror and check out clothes that would fit the character appearing in the mirror.
  • The use of smart facial recognition devices for boarding planes in airports.
  • Development of intelligent devices that communicate with kids by teaching them stuffs, telling them stories and teaching them English ( This is their own private tuition)
  • Inventing of roll-up mobile phones (By China’s BOE Technology). This is a phone that has a bendable AMOLED Screen
  • Creation of the Manned Automatic Aircraft – developed for traffic management and medical rescues


Israel is now collaborating with China to adopt more AI Ideas. Isn’t that interesting?

Watch this video to see more

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