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Mir4 NFT is a multi-player RPG game. It is a game that can be played across different platforms. You can cross-play while at home or on the go. It is the first “normal” game franchise to attempt an addition of a play to earn economy. This franchise is beloved, especially in China, boasting over 600 million users. This game is now available on mobile and the steam store.

The Legend of Mir debuted over 20 years ago. However today, they are attempting to integrate blockchain by way of their own cryptocurrency (known as Draco) and also aiming to have their own NFT marketplace later this month. There’s a lot to like in this game. This game takes the boring grind and allows you to automate looting, gathering and even combat. You just have to watch out for other players.

However, some players are concerned if parts of the game are automated, what’s to stop players from flooding the market and crashing the in-game currency Draco. The good news is, players cannot mine straight Draco from the game. There is a separate material required for upgrading armor, weapons, and your buildings known as Darksteel. Darksteel is what is converted into Draco through smelting. Darksteel can be mined as well as earned from doing certain missions and from owning chunks of territory with your clan. This sets up the chance for players to earn passively from social mechanics which already dovetail with clan raids (known as expeditions and a deep clan tech tree.

Mir4 NFT

Mir4 NFT Review

Mir4is developed by South Korea-based WeMade. This is a highly popular mobile, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Ever since it was released into the market in Korea last November, this game has ranked first on numerous app stores, most-downloaded lists, like those of Naver’s Onestore and Samsung’s Galaxy Store.

Mir4 global edition was launched on August 26 including elements of play-to-earn cryptocurrencies and NFT (non-fungible token) trading. Play-to-earn is the current business model in the digital gaming industry, based on the concept of an open economy. This gives players that contribute to the game financial benefits

Mir4’s global edition initially launched in 170 countries and in 12 languages. It comes with an in-game chat translation function so users communicate with users in other countries. In less than a week since the release, the number of global servers more than tripled, from 11 global servers to 38. Additionally, the global game platform “Steam” ranked MIR4 23rd on its most-played list with a peak of 22,208 concurrent players as of September 1.

On the global servers, users have the ability to trade “black iron”. This is an in-game goods which players earn by playing the game, into a utility token known as DRACO. The DRACO coin can be traded in WEMIX DEX, which is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) exchanged under WeMade. Additionally, players of MIR4 global can convert their game characters into NFTs, which can also be traded in WeMade’s cold wallet app, WEMIX Wallet’s NFT market.

Mir4 NFT Game

After the Mir4’s global launch in some 170 countries on August 26, it ranked as the fourth most played MMORPG on Steam as of August 31.

What sets Mir 4 apart is its unique “play-to-earn” system which allows users to convert in-game resources into tradable crypto assets. Users who collect 100,000 units of dark steel, which makes is an essential resource in the game can smelt them into one DRACO. This is a blockchain-based coin created by the firm. Wemade projects the value of one Draco to be around $3.

Mir4 revolves around the story of an Asian princess from a fallen kingdom. She runs away from an ambitious lord, who wants to kidnap and marry her as a way to become king. At this game, users can select a role – warrior, lancer, Taoist, sorcerer, or archer. The mission here is to team up with a grandmaster and his disciples, rescue the princess and unveil the mysteries surrounding her secret powers.

Players on MIR4’s South Korean home servers, however, are denied the elements of crypto or NFTs. On the MIR4’s Korean servers, users cannot exchange in-game goods with crypto or turn their characters into NFTs.


Enjoy Mir4 NFT apk and get a brand-new heart-pounding experience. You can live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering and even war against other warriors and classes to conquer over. Now you can follow your heart and choose your path and Mir4 is where your story begins. On Mir4 Apk you can use and excel with the following features:

  • All paths lead to your growth
  • All of your activities in Mir4 will ultimately reward you with character growth.
  • All system moderates and prevents fraudulent transactions
  • Free looting
  • Blue Dragon Statues and Token of the Ancient Dragon rewards from your adventures within the land of MIR.
  • From my Battle to our War, Castle Siege.

Mir4 NFT Download

To enjoy the unique world of Mir4, you have to download the Mir4 app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for free. You can also download this game app from the APKPure third-party website by visiting m.apkpure.com as an Android user. iOS users can get the app from the App Store for their devices all for free.

Mir4 NFT Token

Mir4 NFT token is available on the #ULTI NFT Marketplace for game assets with Play2Earn for non-blockchain games. This marketplace is a truly a long-term gaming token which rewards the HODLers with Reflection and Buyback & Earn.

Mir4 How to Earn

Mir4 is a new multi-player RPG game that has just been released in August 2021. This game is not one of your typical MMORPG. Rather, Mir4 is a play-to-earn blockchain-based game, where players can mine cryptocurrency and sell them on the market for real-world money.

Want to know how to earn money by playing Mir4? Here let’s teach you a thing or two.

Mir4 players just like other NFT games can mint cryptocurrency tokens by playing the game.

Players in Mir4 can mine an in-game currency known as Darksteel by literally “mining” it in the game.

Darksteel can be exchanged for utility tokens known as DRACO by “smelting” them. The current exchange rate stands at 100,000 Darksteel = 1 DRACO. Note that as more Darksteel is mined in the game, the required amount of Darksteel required to smelt DRACO increases.

Smelt DRACO with 100000 Darksteel mined in the game MIR4 play to earn.

In place of cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask, the game have their own preferred wallet known as WEMIX wallet. This is where you can store and trade your tokens.

DRACO can then be exchanged into WEMIX Tokens through the Bitthumb exchange.

Mir4 Play to Earn Download PC

The Mir4 play to earn app can also be downloaded both on mobile devices running iOS and Android as well as on a PC. Truthfully, the computer version is actually no different from the mobile one and even has the same interface.

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