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The Forex (Foreign Exchange) market is the largest decentralized financial market. The market is simply for trading currencies in pairs. The Forex market has been referred to as a volatile and capital-intensive market, and it brings all the active currencies of the world into one big market. Trading in this market are; Central Banks of several nations, Commercial Banks, industries, and big businesses all trading in this 5.4 trillion daily revenue market.

Forex is not new and it’s totally different from the stock exchange market. The Forex market would continue to stand and be lucrative as long as there is a demand to exchange different currencies as people travel and trade in different currencies. The forex market has been in operation since the world started using currency and exchanging these currencies at different intersections, however, forex trading was done officially by certain licensed industries and banks who could afford to trade in the big deep waters of the foreign exchange market. On the other hand, it was and still is done locally and physically by local brokers.

MBATrades Review

However, more brokers have been given the license to trade in the forex market digitally, which has helped to sprout different platforms that allow individuals to trade digitally in the forex market using their computers anywhere they are in the world. Critically, achieving profitability in the forex market is more dependent on skills rather than lucky guesses or trades, hence where MBA forex plays a vital role.

What Is MBA Forex?

MBA Forex is an internationally recognized and licensed Capital and Investment Company that operates from Nigeria in West Africa. Although they recently spread their tentacles in the UK and Dubai, they are well established and recognized in Nigeria having trained several thousands of people on how to effectively trade in the forex market. They also offer investment opportunities to create a mutual benefit as the company trades with their investments and gives a monthly ROI (Return On Investment) which exceeds any interest rate offered by Commercial Banks where people often save their money. This is also what makes MBA forex particularly interesting among its counterparts.

MBA Forex Institute

The MBA forex Institute is where people who are interested in learning about the ins and outs of the forex market are trained by experts of the company. The institute offers 3 Major Programs.

  • Regular
  • Crash
  • Executive

One of the advantages of the Program is that it is offered both online and offline, saving the stress and cost of having to travel to be physically present for training. The online training costs #95,000 for local students and $1,000 for international students and it spans 3 through months. The programs are explained below

  • The Regular Program costs #150,000 and spans through 3 months
  • The Crash Program costs #250,000 and spans through 1 month
  • The Executive Program is for people who need private tutoring, hence the fees would be determined by agreed terms.
  • The Weekend Program which holds only on Saturdays costs #300,000 and spans through 2 months.

These programs all end with a free mentoring of 3 months.

MBA Forex Investment Packages

MBA forex gives investors an opportunity to benefit from the company’s trade in the forex market. The company currently offers a monthly ROI of 15% of invested capital and a 100% return of your capital at the expiration of the contract.

As an investor, you can either choose the “Huge Saver” Package which accumulates your ROI for a stipulated amount of time and eventual payment with a 100% return of your capital at the expiration of the contract. Or you can choose the “Smart Funds” package which pays you your ROI monthly and 100% return of your capital at the expiration of the contract.

While MBA forex offers several categories of investment for individuals and corporate organizations, the minimum investment package is $1,000.

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