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Education is the right of every child, that is why K12 Online School has made education easy and accessible to people who cannot afford it.

Talking about education, it is a fundamental process in the development of children and teenagers.

During the process of a child’s education, a lot of things are dealt with, seen, improved upon, and learned, both by the child and the parent(s).

That is why it is very important that a child should be given the right education.

With the development of technology, schooling has evolved to a different dimension, one that is said to be sustainable.

Despite the fact that there are different types of education; formal and informal education, both forms of education are right for a child.

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When it comes to formal education, students are mandated to be in the classroom and or school premises for the commencement of learning.

Formal education is a type of education that follows a chronological order, it is scheduled and paid for.

But what happens when this formal education isn’t accessible?

Say, for instance, the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred that left both students and teachers restricted to the confines of their homes, or just maybe another reason why a child may not get access to the necessary formal education.

Now, the advancement of technology has made all these problems not to see the light of day with the introduction of virtual learning.

Virtual learning is a process where students can get the regular/normal learning experience without having to be in the school premises but instead, a virtual classroom.

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 This is where we talk about K12 Online School. You may ask, what is K12 Online School?

K12 Online School

What Is K12 Online School?

K12 Online School is a platform that provides virtual learning experience for children and teenagers while applying the regular standard that would be applied in a real-life school scenario.

This platform, being available in recent times, has evolved to be something to look out for as it’s growing as the day goes by.

Features Of K12 Online School

This online platform packs a lot of features that makes it one of a kind. These features include,

  • Organized online interactive lessons and virtual classroom sessions to aid learning process.
  • Interactive space with teachers and classmates, either online or by phone.
  • Planned student activities with parent(s) support.
  • Independent activities that do not involve online sessions.
  • Guidance from learning coach to track progress day by day.
  • It would amaze you to know that the platform is free.
  • Non-religious background or atmosphere, this means that regardless of any religion, one can attend.
  • All required subjects are available for child’s tutoring.

All these and more is what the platform provides.

Another question you might ask is, who is eligible for K12 Online School?

Who Is Eligible For K12 Online School?

Students/children who are eligible for this Online school are those that are in Grade(s) K to 12.

Is K12 Online School Free?

Yes, the platform is free, and you get to pick the school you want your child to attend, although there is a paid one which is described as a private school.

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How To Access K12 Online School

To access this great learning platform, all one needs is an internet enabled computer and a web browser then one should head onto www.k12.com

With this one’s child can get the best education there is all for free.

Thanks for reading.

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