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Apple Maps has made some amazing progress since it dispatched in 2012, however its most concerning issue is that the application is still just accessible on Apple gadgets. Imagine a scenario in which you utilize both an iPhone and Windows. Would you be able to utilize Apple Maps on a PC? In reality, you can.

For reasons unknown, the well known security centered internet searcher DuckDuckGo offers Apple Maps as its default planning programming. Furthermore, notwithstanding a couple of constraints, it’s very acceptable.

Peruse on to discover how to utilize Apple Maps on the web, regardless of what stage you use.

How to Use Apple Maps Online in a Web Browser

Use Apple Maps Online With DuckDuckGo

On the off chance that you utilize the DuckDuckGo web search tool, you can utilize Apple Maps in Chrome, Edge, or some other program you pick. It works in Windows and Chrome OS, and with the DuckDuckGo application, you can even access Apple Maps on Android.

Apple Maps in a program works similarly as Google Maps does. At whatever point you look for anything, you’ll see a Maps tab over the outcomes. A fast snap on that shows any important spots plotted on the guide.

When you search for a specific place, be it a city or an exact address, you’re given the chance to refine your search to show particular points of interest. The standard ones offered are:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars
  • Groceries
  • Banks
  • Parking
  • Coffee
  • Parks

Every one of the outcomes are appeared in the sidebar. Navigate to see the area’s location, telephone number, evaluating data, and audits.

You can peruse the guide by clicking and hauling, or by zooming in and out. At the point when you do this, click the Search this region catch to rapidly refine your hunt.

Limitations When Using Apple Maps on a PC

Is Apple Maps on a desktop the ideal choice to Google Maps? No. While it works really hard for fundamental planning, it has a few constraints that you need to think about. In case you’re accustomed to utilizing probably the best Google Maps highlights, you may battle to do the switch.

To begin with, there’s just restricted help for course arranging. There’s a Directions button inside the interface that permits you to plot a course between two spots. It shows you a decision of three courses, and they’re not difficult to print.

Yet, you can’t utilize it for route. All things being equal, there’s a Navigate in maps application choice on versatile that tosses you out into whatever application you have introduced—Google Maps on Android, for instance.

In addition, the application does not have the overall layer of intelligence you get on other guide administrations. For example, you can’t click any arbitrary focal point to see insights regarding it, or even drop a pin to check a specific spot.

Furthermore, you can’t utilize the Look Around highlight, which is Apple Maps’ comparable to Street View.

You likewise will not discover any of the helpful additional items like public transportation or traffic data. For this, you’ll need the devoted Apple Maps application on iOS or macOS.

Is Apple Maps Better Than Google Maps?

DuckDuckGo gives you a simple method to utilize Apple Maps on the web. Also, not at all like different arrangements that have offered a similar usefulness before, this present one’s true. It won’t just vanish abruptly.

With the stage restrictions eliminated, presently there’s nothing to prevent you from utilizing Apple Maps.

To use Apple Maps in dark mode, hit the Back button to return to the main DuckDuckGo search page. Then, go to Settings and select Dark Mode under Appearance. This new theme will still be in place when you switch back to the Maps tab.

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