How To Tell If Your Android Is Hacked

One of the most popular reasons why people hesitate when deciding to buy an Android phone is that they already have it in mind that Android phones are more easily hacked than iPhones. And for the most part, there is no lie in it. But then, that does not mean that Android phones can not be secure, what it means is that there are some risks Android users need to keep an eye on.

How To Tell If Your Android Is Hacked

Therefore, we are going to help you find out if or not your Android phone has been hacked by looking at some various problems that you might have been experiencing.

How You Can Tell If Your Android Is Hacked

If Your Battery Drains Too Quickly or Gets Hot

In case you have been noticing that your battery is no longer lasting as long as it is supposed to or you noticed it’s becoming less efficient in the last weeks or months, then it could be a sign of increased activity on your device. It could have processes running in the background that might not be detected by the user.

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If Your Device Is Being Rooted but You Didn’t Do It Yourself

By rooting a device, you are gaining access to deeper levels of authority over the device, it is not usually allowed by the hardware or software developers. And so, if your device is being rooted without your consent then it is hacked. And for a hacker to have easy access to

For a hacker to get easier access to some functions on your phone and to facilitate advanced spyware-use, they will have to root your device.

Having Background Noise or Electronic Interference

The most common report that came from people who later found out spyware or malware on their device is background noise or electronic interference. You have to keep an eye out for echoing noises when making calls because it could be a direct sign that someone is interfering with your communications or other parts of your phone.

If You Notice Any Suspicious Activity

In case you have been noticing any weird behavior from your phone, then it can also be a big sign that something is not quite right with your device.

Because mischievous software like malware and spyware can actually affect your device at a root level. Most times, they can cause it to misbehave and act in a very strange way.

These are some of the ways to know that your Android has been hacked.

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