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PayPal is known to be an online payment system that allows its users to send and receive money from another person in a well-secured manner and without candidly letting a person know their bank account. PayPal was originally owned by eBay and has been its own company since the year 2015. It has become the most popular and most secure way to send and receive money online and it has now become the leader for goods and services payments over the internet. It is also known to be the most accepted form of payment with more online shops compare to any other online payment system. PayPal can be considered as an encryption software that helps people to be able to transfer payment between bank accounts and computers.

How To Send Money From PayPal To Cash App

About Cash App

Cash App on the other hand is a type of peer-to-peer mobile payment app which was developed by Square, Inc., which was formerly known as Square Cash. It let the user to be able to transfer money to other users with the help of a phone app. It is said to have over 7 million active users as of February 2018. Cash app users also have the ability to spend money directly from the app with an optional linked debit card.

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One thing you need to know is that, it is not possible for one to send money from PayPal to Cash App. Therefore, if you wish to send money from PayPal to Cash App wallet, you will have to alternatively send the money from your PayPal account to bank account before then sending it to your Cash App.

How You Can Send Money from PayPal To Your Bank Account

Below are steps on how you can send money from your PayPal account to your bank account;

  • The first step to take is to open the PayPal app on your mobile phone. You will see the icon of PayPal as white “P” outlined on a blue background.
  • When you open the app, tap on ‘Transfer to your bank’. You can be able to locate this just beneath your PayPal balance.
  • Then you will have to choose the particular bank account you wish to send the money to and then tap on ‘Next’.
  • After that, type in the total amount of money that you want to send and tap on ‘Continue’.
  • Go through the request of your transaction and then tap on ‘Transfer’. Your action will be completed by the following day if you did the transfer after 7 PM ET.

How to Send Money to Your Cash App Account From PayPal

Here are the next steps to follow after you have sent the money to your bank account.

  • You first click open the Cash App on your mobile phone.
  • Then click on the Cash App account balance on from your home screen in the application.
  • Your account balance might be showing zero, then click on “Cash & BTC”.
  • After that, select the option “Add Cash” between the pop-up options and then type in the amount you want to add.
  • As you click on the option “Add”, the amount you typed in will be added to your Cash App wallet.
  • Then you can set up a PIN or alternatively use Touch ID in order to confirm your action.

With this you have been able to send money to your cash app.

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