How to Restrict Unapproved Calls on Android Devices

How to Restrict Unapproved Calls on Android Devices

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As far as you make use of an Android phone then there’s no escaping unwanted calls. It doesn’t matter if it’s from robocalls or annoying people who just want to disturb, you might want to know how to block such calls.

Here are several ways to block annoying spam calls on your Android phone.

How to Restrict Unapproved Calls on Android Devices

How to Block Unwanted Calls on Android

Android has a built-in option for blocking phone numbers. To block any number of your choice, open your Phone app and switch to the Recent list. Long press the number, then click on Block\report spam form the menu available.

To block a number that’s not in the Recent list, tap the three-dot menu at the top-right of the Phone app and choose Settings. From the list, choose Blocked numbers.

Select Add a number to type out a phone number that you want to block. To block calls that show up as Private, Unidentified, or similar, enable the Unknown slider at the top of this same page.

Caller ID and Spam Options in Android’s Phone App

I feel you should check out this menu when you want to block a number on your Android phone: Caller ID & spam from the same Settings menu. Activate See caller and spam ID and your phone will identify whoever is calling.

Turn on Filter spam calls and your phone will automatically suppress calls that it suspects are spam.

Block Callers Using Third-Party Apps

We have some really nice apps that you can use to make this thing work. Reviews for these apps vary, as most of them charge a subscription to enable all features.

RoboKiller is a well-reviewed solution that offers a seven-day free trial .Truecaller is an old favorite that offers a basic plan for free.

Limit Incoming Calls Using Do Not Disturb

To configure Do Not Disturb, head to Settings > Sound & vibration > Do Not Disturb. Choose People from the list, then hit Calls. On the resulting menu, you can choose who can reach you in Do Not Disturb. Choose Starred contacts to allow only your closest friends, or Contacts to block calls from anyone you haven’t saved in your contact book.

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