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How to Loot Mod APK 1.1.10 (Unlimited Money) Download

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You can download the latest version of How to Lott Mod APK made available for free for Android devices and enjoy some great puzzles in order to save your princess and claim a lot of treasure.

How to Loot


This game contains a princess, treasures, Lava, enemies, and poison. What more do you need in a puzzle game like this? So, go ahead and download How to Loot for Android devices now and enjoy a game that is full of fun challenges and rewards.

Main Features

Below are some of the main features that comes with this How to Loot game made available for users to enjoy:

  • You can collect a lot of treasure by playing different puzzles and become the richest knight in all of the kingdoms in this game.
  • In addition, you will be required to rescue the princess by playing some of these same challenging puzzles.
  • Another thing is that poison and lava are the consequences of these puzzles. And again, there will be enemies trying to wreak havoc. All you need to do is to lead them to these dangers while avoiding them also.

Game Modes: Another thing about this game is that it comes with 4 different game modes that users can enjoy each of the aspects of the game.

Gold Mode: this Gold Mode is here to have you avoid various enemies while you are trying to loot as much treasure as possible.

Tower Mode: if you enjoyed the game Jenga, this game mode will have you playing in a similar fashion to that. You just have to make sure that the loot falls towards you and keep on earning more.

Block Mode: This game mode is very similar to Tower Mode. And so, they will only have enemies for you to face off against, rather than just treasures to collect.

Knight Mode: in this mode, you will have to prove your worth as a knight. Defend yourself from your enemies at all costs.


The graphics of this How to Loot game are actually quite simple, both when it comes to animations and visuals. Everything is in 2, and also has a cartoonish art style. The puzzles in this game are amazingly easy to play, so there is no need For too much visually for the players to see.

Nonetheless, everything in this game is still in HD and enjoyable to look at. The characters are designed with a bit of personality, just by looking at their designs. Likewise, each of the puzzles are displayed nicely with some attention to detail.

Altogether, the game did a very good job, when it comes to the graphics. Meaning that, for a puzzle game, it did a great job.

How to Loot Mod APK Free Download

You should go ahead and download this How to Loot Pin Pull Mod APK made available for android devices now. This version of the game does not actually offer much newer than the original version, but you will still be able to save some data and storage in this process.

To add to this game, there are still many more games for you to download. These games include a lot of various puzzle games, and other games similar to How to Loot.

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