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The issue of scamming people is effectively increasing just as the day goes, a lot of persons have however been scammed of their hard-earned money and many more are yet to be. The question still remains that is it that these people do not know how to identify scammers when they see one or they are foolishly deceived?

The truth is that scammers at this point change their different strategies of fighting and defrauding people of their cash and yet a lot of persons fall victim to this every day. Most persons go as far as sending their Account details only to rectify an issue in the bank and in the long run, they end up losing their finance to some persons that do not worth it. I have heard about a lot of stories on how people defraud many persons claiming to become their account officer and the people that are being told these false stories end up falling victims of these scammers. The following are ways to detect the situation in which a scammer pretends or impersonates as your account officer:

How To Know When A Scammer Pretends To Be Your Bank Account Officer
  1. Bank Verification Number: it is worthy to note that the bank can never ask you for your bank account number because they already have it stored in their system. Thus; your bank or account officer can never call you requesting that you give him that. There has been a scenario in which a lady was called by a young man claiming that the lady’s account has issues and it needs to be rectified else they will block up the account, on this lady giving him the details in the inclusion of her bank verification number, the next thing she discovered was that all her money in the account is missing. No account officer of any kind will ever request your account details for you for any sort of identification.
  2. Office Number: you must be aware that each of the banks has similar office code numbers when you are been called to ensure that the call is done with their office line or the line of your personal bank account officer. Critically give him (Bank Account Officer) a strict warning that he should by no means call you with any other number apart from the one assigned to him. Because most scammers now use a different number to call but once you are fund of the number your account officer uses regularly to call. It becomes easy to detect scammers.
  3. Time of call: the Bank cannot and will never designate anyone to make calls outside working period because it is outside their rule, thus; once you receive a call after working hours or working days, tag such person to be a scammer because he is calling outside the working time or hour.
  4. Referral call: your account officer can never send you a text or neither can your bank send you a text informing you to call up a particular number for verification of clarification. If they need your attention, they will call you and ask you to come to the office. Never have you in any situation tried to settle critical bank matters that involve our confidentiality as regards details outside the bank.

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