How to Keep The Calculator Always On Top On Windows 10

How to Keep The Calculator Always-on-Top On Windows 10

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More people than normal often ignore the calculator app on their Windows until there is an urgent need for it. Some don’t even remember it’s there. However, some people who do a lot of calculations often on their computer get to use the calculator app daily. This article would be of great help to the latter because it would save them the time they use to open their calculator app each time they need to use the app after closing it.

The calculator app is so essential that it is present on every single version of the Windows software from the first. The Windows calculator is also advanced as it allows you to switch modes from currency conversion, scientific, graphing, standard, and other available modes, so no matter how complex the calculation you’re making is, you could simply switch the mode to allow you input your figures.

The ability of the Windows 10 calculator to hang on your screen is unique to the “Standard” mode. This means you can only have the calculator always on top of your screen if it is set on standard mode.

How to Keep The Calculator Always On Top On Windows 10

How to Go About It

To do this, go to the “Start Menu” and click on “Calculator”. When you click on the calculator, the last mode which it was used would still be active. At this point, if it isn’t on standard mode, click on the hamburger or menu icon, then select “Standard” from the options.

Further More…

Next, click on the icon to the right, beside Standard, this icon represents “Keep on top”. After clicking on the icon, the calculator would be displayed at the top of the screen. You can drag it to your preferred position on the screen, you can also resize it from the edges. When you’re done using the app, you can simply remove it by tapping on the “X” icon to close the app.

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