How to Earn At Least N200 Daily From Z-Union

How to Earn At Least N200 Daily From Z-Union

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Z-Union is an app that is giving out at least N200 to Nigerians daily for placing orders that are without any charge. There isn’t any idea about how long this offer would last, this is why you do not need to allow the opportunity to pass you by while it lasts. In this article, you are going to learn how to earn N200 every day from the Z-Union app. It takes less than 5 minutes for you to start earning from this app.

How to Earn At Least N200 Daily From Z-Union

How to Earn At Least N200 Daily From Z-Union

Before you can start enjoying the benefits that come from the Z-Union app, you need to create an account with Z-Union. To do this, click here. Once you are done creating your account, the next step is to download the app below the sign-up form and then log in your account. Sometimes people have issues with the link above so, if you are in this category, simply connect to a VPN and attempt again. Now that you have logged in your account, click on Place an order and then click on Order Now to place your orders using the app.

Make sure you provide your required details if you are placing an order for the very first time. These details include; Full name and Address. Enter this information for you to start placing orders on Z-Union.

On your very introduction to this app, the membership level is the lowest. New accounts are entitled to just 20 orders daily. Remember that this app earns you at least N20 every day. This tells you that from these 20 orders you are entitled to, you get to earn N10 from each of them, meaning that in total, you earn N200. As your membership level increases, the number of orders you can make daily also increases, and definitely, your earns increase too.

How to Withdraw Earning on the Z-Union App

To make a withdrawal of your earnings, get to the main page of the app, and click Withdrawal. Your bank details would be required of you. Make sure you enter the appropriate account details. You can only withdraw your earnings to the following banks; First Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, First City Monument Bank, Access Bank, and Zenith Bank. Aside from these five banks, there are no other banks you can withdraw to.

Once you enter your bank details, the next thing is for you to enter the amount you desire to withdraw. After that, click WITHDRAW. Within 24 hours, you will receive the cash in your bank account. Withdrawal can be done only once a day and this can only happen between 9 AM to 9 PM every day.

How to Earn More From Z-Union

As mentions earlier, your membership level increases, meaning you are not limited to earning N200 every day with this app. Aside from your membership level increasing, you have the opportunity of earning tens of thousands through referrals. Using your Z-Union link, you can refer anyone to become a part of Z-Union. The truth of the matter is that your commissions come from every order the individuals you refer make and not from them signing up. These commissions are continuous so long as the app remains in full operation.

These commissions are within 0.80 Naira and 1.60 Naira for every order.

How to Get Z-Union Referral Link

To get this link, get to the main page of the Z-Union app. Next, click Invite and then click Share links. You will get the link as soon as you do this. Copy the invitation code send it to the individuals you want to refer.

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