How to Earn at Least 110 Handy Token ($7.21) from HandyPick Game

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In our world today, Crypto is one of the most discussed topics. It has become so popular and has appeared to be so lucrative to the point where everyone wants to have an idea about it or have something to do with it one way or the other. The whole idea behind the quest to associate with the crypto market all comes down to money-making.

Cryptocurrency is now seen as a huge investment and in general, people know it has to do with trading. This isn’t new when discussing this subject. To start trading cryptocurrencies, you are required to have some start-up capital and if you don’t have this capital, you have the opportunity to get coins for free through airdrops. In this article, we are going to be looking at something really interesting. Something that plays a very similar role as airdrop does.

How to Earn at Least 110 Handy Token $7.21 from HandyPick Game

What is Crypto Airdrop

Just for clarity sake, it is vital you understand what crypto airdrops are. Crypto airdrop(s) is a marketing stunt that has to do with delivering/sending coins or tokens to the wallet addresses of current cryptocurrency traders to promote awareness of new currencies. This delivery can be for free.

Handy Tokens

Now, you are going to get insights on how to get and pile up Handy tokens at no charge. See the current price of 1 Handy. In this article, you will receive enlightenment on how to get at least 100 Handy tokens. With this, you get to earn at least $7 for free.

How to Earn free Handy Tokens

These free Handy Tokens are earned from an app referred to as “HandyPick”. Users get rewarded when they play prediction games. The amazing thing about these games is that;

  • They are not time-consuming
  • They are easy to play

You get rewarded with free Handy tokens if your predictions are correct.

How to Get Started with Earning Handy Tokens

Follow these simple steps:

  • First, download HandyPick app (Source it here).
  • Now, open the app and sign up for any of the options to earn your free 100 Handy.
  • Next, verify your phone number.
  • If you were referred, use the referral code of the referrer to earn extra 10 Handy tokens.

Once you follow these steps through, you will have your very own account on the HandyPick app. Now, you can begin predicting games. You don’t have to worry or fret about anything since the prediction is totally free.

You are not under compulsion to use the referral code. The only reason for it is to help you gain some extra Handy. To get even more Handy tokens, you can invite friends to play the games and you can also play the games. You can withdraw a minimum of 1000 Handy.

Lastly, just for you to know, Handy is at the moment trading on Hotbit. Meaning, you can get your wallet address from Hotbit if you desire to make a withdrawal from the app. Users can make withdrawals only twice every month.


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