How To Delete A Signature In Outlook

How To Delete A Signature In Outlook

Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite and its primary use is to manage personal data. It is owned by Microsoft and was launched in 2012. It was created and formerly known as Hotmail before Microsoft acquired it in 1997, even though the name was retained. After Phasing out Hotmail in 2011, Microsoft officially relaunched the service now bearing “Outlook” in 2012.

How To Delete A Signature In Outlook

While there are a couple of ways to delete an email signature in Outlook, some are quite simple while others are more complex. In this article, we would leave out the complex methods for software analysts and enthusiasts and go straight to simple methods for normal people who just need a simple way to go about it. You can either choose to delete all your email signature files at one go or choose to delete them one after the other.

Delete Signature In Outlook – Procedures

Firstly, if you choose to delete all your email signature files at one, go to your primary window (The initial page that loads) on Outlook. Navigate to the “File” option and click on it. Next click on “Options”. As the “Outlook Options” Window loads, move your mouse to the “Mail” tab and you would find “Signatures” at the right side of the screen. Simply use one finger to hold the “Ctrl” button on your keyboard and another to click on the “Signatures”. This action will lead you to the page where your signatures are stored locally. On the current page, all email signature files would be loaded. At this point, you would select all the signature files that exist in that folder and right-click. Next, click on “delete” to get rid of all the selected email signature files.

Perhaps, you want to specifically choose a particular email signature file to delete, you don’t necessarily need to use the method stated earlier.

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You can achieve that in a simpler way and in a few steps, but still effectively. To do this, you have to first launch your Outlook application and click on “New Email” just like when you want to compose a new email. While in this window, click on “insert” and next on “Signature”. You would be shown a list of items, select “Signatures” from the displayed list. Next, in the “Signature and Stationery” window, you would notice a dialog box with several email signatures. Simply select the particular email signature you want to delete and click on the “delete” button to delete it. Following on, click on “Yes” to confirm your action.

Following these guidelines, you would successfully delete all unwanted email signatures from your Outlook account.

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