How to Control Your Gmail Inbox With Google Tasks

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Your Gmail may as of now match the standard framework you’ve embraced, yet synchronizing it with Google Task takes it to the following level.

You can use Google Tasks inside Gmail to focus on significant messages into explicit records. Figure out how to transform your messages into undertakings and make plans for the day just inside your inbox.

How to Control Your Gmail Inbox With Google Tasks

What Is Google Tasks?

Google Tasks is an application that comes incorporated into the greater part of your Gsuite items. It additionally comes as an independent application you can download to your telephone. It assists you with making a plan for the day by permitting you to add and oversee assignments without leaving your inbox.

The application makes it simple to catch day by day tasks like cleaning the house or shopping for food. Notwithstanding, it likewise makes it simpler to coordinate your messages as errands. You can isolate high-need and low-need messages without filing or erasing them.

Also, utilizing Tasks assists you with dealing with all your noteworthy things from one focal area instead of bouncing between Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

How to Add Tasks in Gmail

Add a New Task in Gmail

⦁ Tap Add a task.

⦁ Input a title and click Enter.

⦁ Click the Pencil icon.

⦁ Fill in a description.

⦁ Your date, time, or subtasks.

⦁ Click the back arrow.

At the point when you at first add your task, you might be needed to fill in the title, yet on the off chance that you need more data added to the assignment, click the pencil symbol.

This will permit you to add a portrayal for your errand, add a particular date and time, and add subtasks.

Adding a date and time will naturally match up your undertaking with your Google Calendar and make an occasion for the assignment.

This can function admirably with the full rundown of  Gsuite integrations  from Google. Adding a subtask will make more errands under your unique undertaking. In the event that you have a greater undertaking, you need to separate it into more modest lumps.

Managing Your Google Tasks

Get the full insight from your Google Tasks by reworking task request, renaming records, erasing records, erasing undertakings, learning console alternate ways, replicating updates, and that’s just the beginning.

Revamping your plan for the day can help keep first concern things far removed, so they don’t get lost or neglected.

To do this, snap and drag your things in the right request you need. You can even drag things into subtasks so they fall under a parent errand, or you can take your subtasks and make them their parent task.

To sort your rundown by date, click on the three dot and select Date. You can likewise return to your modified request by tapping on My Order.

You can likewise see the entirety of the undertakings that you’ve checked total. Snap on the bolt at the lower part of your Tasks.

From here, you can erase explicit finished errands or imprint an assignment inadequate so it shows back on the principle screen. You can mass erase these tasks from the alternatives menu.

Creating and Managing Lists in Google Tasks

⦁ Click My Tasks.

⦁ Click Create New List.

⦁ Enter the name of the list.

⦁ Click Done.

Whenever you’ve made your rundown, Google Tasks will naturally open your new rundown, and you can begin adding assignments right away.

To switch back to another assignment, click on My Tasks again and select your preferred rundown. You can adjust your rundown request by tapping on the six spots and hauling your rundown to the position you need.

You can rename your rundown whenever, and you can likewise erase the whole rundown in the event that you’d like. On the off chance that you need to change an assignment starting with one rundown then onto the next list, click on the pencil symbol and select the right rundown from the dropdown.

You can reorder the rundown utilizing the strategies laid out above. To exit out of your assignment screen, click the X in the upper right, and the sidebar will vanish, leaving just the symbols for simple access.

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