How To Change Twitter Handle

How To Change Twitter Handle Using Your Mobile App Or The Desktop Version

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Your Twitter handle is your unique identification on twitter, more like a URL for your Twitter account. The unique handle allows people to find and tag you on their posts and when they repost your content. It usually starts with “@” just below the account name.

How To Change Twitter Handle

You may not have known the importance of your twitter handle when signing up for the first time with twitter, perhaps you picked an unsuitable handle, and now you realize it because it doesn’t seem to reflect you or what you’re about. It may also be that you’re considering changing your twitter account because of your handle. It could also be that you’ve decided to rebrand or any other reason, you don’t need to dump your old account because you can simply change your twitter handle instead, and here’s how to do it.

Using Your Mobile App

Open the Twitter app on your mobile device and sign in to your account. Navigate to your “Profile” and select “Settings and Privacy”. Next, go to “Account” and select “Username”, On the next page you would see “Current” for your current username and “New”, in the text box under “New”, enter your new username/handle, you would also be provided with available options for your username/handle, you can either choose one or enter the username/handle of your choice. When you’re done, go to the top right of your screen and tap on “Done”.

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Using the Desktop Version

Open twitter on your desktop and sign into your account. Navigate to your “Profile” and select “Settings and Privacy”. Next, go to “Account”, click on the space for your “Username”, clear out the previous username and enter your preferred username. After entering your new username/handle, you would observe a green prompt that reads “Available”, however, if the username is being used by another account, you would have to create another username which has not been taken. After confirming, go to the end of the page and click on “Save changes”. As you return to your profile, your new handle would be displayed.

How Many Times Can You Change Your Twitter Handle?

You can change your twitter handle as often as you wish and as many times you choose, there are no restrictions guiding the change of your username/handle and no verification for the process.

Does Changing Twitter Handle Affect My Followers?

No, it doesn’t, changing your twitter handle won’t affect your followers nor the number of your following. Your followers would only observe the change on your handle and won’t be able to tag you using your previous handle, so it’s best if you inform them before you make the change.

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