How To Change Etsy Shop Name

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Etsy is an online store that deals with the sales of vintage items from Clothing to bags, jewelry, furniture, art, and so many lifestyle items. It was created by Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik and eventually Jared Tarbell, and launched in 2005. The concept of the website was basically created for easy connections between sellers and lovers or buyers of vintage.

At the beginning for most sellers, they may have been in a rush to go live with their store without giving much thought to the name of the shop, while for some, they may have decided to switch the products they sell and their shop name almost doesn’t suit the new product they are offering. A shop name is the first and most important identity of any shop or brand. Hence it is meant to tell a story, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sentence, but one should be able to decipher what your shop is about just by coming across the name, especially if they are surfing through the line of products you offer.

How To Change Etsy Shop Name

On another line, when some sellers go live with their Etsy shop, after a while they realize that they can provide a brand instead, so they would like to make some changes to the shop to suit their newly discovered passion. Whatever your reason for desiring to change your shop name, it’s been anticipated hence the provisions made to conveniently change your shop name. However, you must take note of these existing rules before proceeding to change your Etsy shop name.

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You’re Only Allowed To Change Your Shop Name 5 Times

While 5 times is a whole lot of takes, they probably want to give you enough opportunities to get decided, hence offering you 5 opportunities of going live with a new shop name. However, you must note that as a seller, changing shop names isn’t a convenient adjustment for your shop, even if eventually you may be able to attract more customers. This is because when your existing customers search for your shop’s former name, they simply won’t be able to find it. With this outcome, you can envisage how many customers you would lose. However, you can reduce this effect by pre-informing your existing customers may be by mail or on your shop description, about the changes you would be making, so they won’t be left hanging or taken unawares by the change.

You Can’t Reuse Your Previous Shop Name

Once you’ve changed your shop name on Etsy, there’s no going back on the action as you won’t be able to reuse it and no other seller can use it either. You can only choose to reopen the shop. So, you must be sure of your decision before you proceed with changing your shop name. Also, note that your new shop name also becomes the shop URL to direct customers.

Your Shop Name Must Follow the Etsy Guidelines

Your shop name must be chosen thoughtfully, avoiding censored words and mustn’t go against the Etsy guidelines. Your shop name also shouldn’t exceed 20 characters and there shouldn’t be punctuation or spacing. To achieve differentiation of words, you can use capital letters, For example, Soft Toes.

After all, being noted, these are the easy steps to help you change your Etsy shop name.

  • Log into your account via and click on your account
  • Click on “Shop Manager” and then “Settings”
  • Next click on “Info and Appearance”
  • Navigate to the “Shop Name” and click on “change” beside it
  • Type in your new shop name and click on “Save”.

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