How To Boost Your Followers On Instagram With This Tips

How To Boost Your Followers On Instagram With This Tips

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How To Boost Your Followers On Instagram With This Tips – Instagram being one of the world’s biggest social networking platform in the world, has made people desperate to have enough followers to get recognized or to boost a brand. We all know what it’s like to get verified on IG. The big question here is are you engaging the right way?

It’s very important to know how to boost Instagram engagement if you really want to increase your followers and drive traffic for your business.

How To Boost Your Followers On Instagram With This Tips

What Is Instagram Disappearing Like Count

Recently, Instagram decided to phase out Like counts, prompting a cry out outrage from the Instagram community.

Creatives who are clever with their arsenal of strategies can take advantage of the shift away from Like counts by utilizing a range of features designed to measure and boost engagement. They are all already utilizing other ways to engage with followers on Instagram.

After speaking to some people who have successfully boosted their account, here are the tips they provided.

Share Your Process

The content your provide on IG really says a lot about you, as a matter of fact, I feel its the major key when it comes to engagement. Stefan Sagmeister suspects that, “any account that people find helpful will be able to create a fairly large following”.

For people who do anything related to designing, I’ll advise you don’t only display finished product of your work. Of course, the end is always better, it ay not best way to increase engagement in your page. Always give people a unique insight into your design process.

“My advice is to share more of your creative process… Your sketching process, your display screen when you work on it, until the final result”, says logo designer/illustrator Alfrey Davilla, who has 72,900 followers.

Using Stories To Get Behind The Scene

Over 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day, Story are the best way to display what truly happens at the back end, without interrupting your feed. The moment your can captivate the mind of users, you’ll leave them wanting to see more after your story elapses the 24-hour interval.

Burrill agrees that “behind the scenes stuff on Stories is good… you can give your followers a glimpse of what’s happening in the studio or workshop and let them in on your working process”.

“It’s always fascinating to see how people put their work together, it gives you a real insight into how things get made and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes,” says Burrill.

Keep in mind the main purpose of doing this, not just for showoff but to sell your brand. As Burrill advises, “keep it personal and relatable, but always with your slant on things, reinforcing your message constantly, [keeping] it consistent and interesting.

Begin A Conversation
You conversation shouldn’t be within comments and DMs alone. We really like to make reference to people who have given these things a try and saw it work wonders. Belinda Kou, a lettering artist, has 19,00 followers and uses Stories to reach out to her fans.

“I like to use my Stories to share what I’m working on, what it’s like behind the scenes, and what I’m learning”, she says. “I also use polls and ask questions to get to know my audience better, and love it when it starts a convo in DMs.”

Davilla regularly uses comments to ask for opinions, but he also creates Stories using polls and emoji sliders.

Engage In Your Follower

“I think one of the easiest things one can do is have a conversation with your followers”, says lettering artist Scott Biersacker who replies to almost every comment left for him.

“Whether that is replying to the comments on an in-feed post, sharing a Story about your day/work, any method to have a dialogue is beneficial. People are following along for a reason – having that connection can establish relationships and even friendships with those that support your work.”

“My advice to creatives who want to increase Instagram engagement is to try to get to know the people behind the username and figure out what you can do to make your content valuable to others.”

Make Use Of Good Hashtags

Hashtags make you more visible in the social media because you follow up on the latest happenings, and you can even create branded hashtags.

Fabian Oberhammer, a 3D artist with 42,600 followers said “Once I started using them correctly,I boosted from less than 100 followers to over 1,000 within the first week.”

“I have different sets of 30 hashtags saved on my phone, and I use them depending on what type/style of render I upload,” Oberhammer explains. “Look what hashtags similar IG accounts use and adapt your hashtags by that.”

Measure Your Progress

The strategies covered in this post are all way more measurable than Like counts. Instagram Insights is the first place to go to check your statistics. But you must have a business page first before you can make use of Insights. You can switch your personal profile to a business by clicking the settings wheel icon on your profile and hit ‘switch to Professional Account’, then tap ‘Business’.

Once this is done, you’ll see a new ‘bar chart’ icon at the top of your profile. Press this to discover Insights.

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