How To Block Scam Phone Numbers On Your Device

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We all are tired of receiving irrelevant calls from scammers. It occurs so frequently that it has become a nuisance to most people. If you’ve tried going online to search for ways to block them but you weren’t satisfied with what you say, you can stick to this article to get the solution in detail. It doesn’t the device you get them from, we are here to help you with that.

How To Block Scam Phone Numbers On Your Device

How To Block Scam Numbers On Android

I decided to begin with Android devices because they really aren’t any way to block spam number on Android devices. Some Android phones do not come with blocking features while the ones that do, are hidden deep inside the settings by the manufacturers.

You can simply block those numbers from your contacts list, messages app, or set menu. But if you make use of phones like Samsung, simply open your call log and tap on the number that you intend to block. Then go to Details > Menu > Block number.

How To Block Scam Numbers On iPhone

Basically, there are two ways you can go about that. Here’s what to do.

⦁ Blocking The Numbers Individually

If you use this method it doesn’t just stop the person from not being able to call you, but it also restricts them from sending text messages and FaceTime call. Here’s how to do it:
i. Open your Phone app on your iPhone
ii. Click on recent
iii. Tap on the info icon located near the spam number.
iv. On the bottom of the screen, tap Block this Caller.

⦁ Silence Unknown Callers Feature

This is another way for you to do it. This feature is available for users with iOS 13 and above. Have it in mind that when you enable this feature, you will block not only spammers, but you also won’t be able to receive calls from well-intentioned people who are not on your contact list.
i. Open the Settings app.
ii. Look for the Phone on the list and tap it.
iii. Head to Silence Unknown Callers and toggle it on.

How To Block Scam Numbers On Landline Phones

The amount of annoying calls that you might receive on these phones is much higher because it is less protected. If there is a specific scam number that is bothering you, try out a call-blocking device. There are many of them on the market and they usually cost under $100.

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