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Grammarly is known to be a chargeless addition that one can be able to add to your browser in order to examine your grammar and spelling as you are composing an article or maybe typing messages on social media. However, the monthly subscription of Grammarly is $29.95 but you can also subscribe for the quarterly plan which is at the rate of $10 and the yearly subscription will charge you $11.66 every month.

Grammarly Sign Up

There are some unique features that come with Grammarly and these features includes:

  • It gives the explanation of grammar rules in full details
  • It analyzes readability
  • It enhances vocabulary
  • It checks for genre-specific style in writing
  • It analyzes grammar and spellings in the context
  • It identifies plagiarism
  • It accesses the documents in some platforms

How to Download Grammarly In Your Device

This article is going to show you the easiest methods to download and signup for a Grammarly account. Follow the steps listed below to sign up for a Grammarly account in your device:

  • Go to the approved websites for Grammarly to download and signup for your account.

But if you already have an existing Grammarly account with your email address, all you have to do is;

  • Tap on “Get Grammarly” and then select the particular Grammarly plan you would like to subscribe to.
  • You will then provide you payment procedures. You might still have to pay for this too but they might refund it back to you later.
  • Some instructions will display on the screen after that, follow the instructions.
  • You have successfully signup for your Grammarly account, you can now start using Grammarly.
  • You can contact the support team to request for refund before your free trial will end.

In case you wish to prolong your one month free Grammarly premium, follow the steps provided but what you need to know is that, you will have to acquire your first 30 days access to the Grammarly premium plan freely.

Now, in order to get the free Grammarly premium, you will need to request an affiliate account. Follow the guidelines below to do that:

  • Visit https.//www.grammarly.com/affiliates and signup for your account.
  • Type in the details and payment procedures for the website
  • Then you will have to wait for 1-2 working days in order for Grammarly to approve your account. You will get an email for your confirmation.
  • After you have received your confirmation email, then login with your account and select a branding from the templates on their website. Then download the template you chose
  • Then upload it on your blog along with the affiliate link you got.

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