Google’s Latest Project On Meeting Room Gear Focuses On Simplicity

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As the spread of the COVID-19 tends to reduce, and we begin to consider returning to our offices, Google wants to help make conference rooms more pleasant. The company is launching Series One Meeting room kits today that consists a soundbar, a pair of cameras, a touchscreen controller, mic pods and a compute unit. The kits will be available in three sets based on room size, and while the company couldn’t share an exact date, it said pre-orders will open.

The new Series One hardware is meant strictly for business, so don’t go getting all hopes of purchasing it in a store just to use it for your home. The primary offering is the $2,699 Small Room Kit, and it includes a smart camera, smart audio bar, computes system, and rechargeable remote control, while the medium and large options come with additional mic pods, a bigger camera, and a 10-inch touchscreen controller.

Google's Latest Project On Meeting Room Gear Focuses On Simplicity

The ability to use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is one key feature of the Series One products, so they’ll only need a single cable to both get power and the internet. The computer box will also have RJ-45 ports and color-coded cables to make it easier to manage each component’s wires.

The Smart Audio Bar is a 2.3-foot speaker that makes use of Google’s own TrueVoice multi-channel noise cancellation and voice amplification tech. It uses eight beamforming mics and can process up to 44 channels at a go.

The soundbars will also come with a calibration tool that will check the acoustics of a room, determine the microphone range during setup and autotune levels to make sure the audio it’s playing is optimized for the environment.

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