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Global Solar: Mastering the Art of Solar Panel Production

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Renewable energy is gradually creeping in on the non-renewable forms of energy as more people are becoming conscious of how their activities affect their environment. Global Solar is an energy tech company that is now owned by Hanergy. Global Solar has been providing energy solutions since 1996 and Hanergy isn’t new to the energy industry either therefore adding Global Solar to their sleeves is a great way to provide more value.

Solar energy is one of the safest energy solutions and it’s currently replacing non-renewable sources like crude. In places where sunlight is abundant, homeowners and small businesses have adopted solar panels to generate electrical energy. Not only does it keep the environment and the atmosphere clean, it also reduces noise pollution caused by generators.

 With great advancement in technology, solar panels can advance to power big industries and automobiles reducing the emission of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere, since the sun has enough heat to go round. The Solutions Hanergy brings are up to date on what we need as a society, meeting urban and rural energy needs with different solar panels that suit the need. One thing Global Solar is popular for is their thin-film panel which is made of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide)

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Some rooftops have a curvy design and mounting a regular panel eg a mono or polysilicon panel simply won’t cover or sit properly on the roof. Hence the CIGS panels would suit such roofs better because of their flexibility. It is flexible enough to wrap around any roof design following the turns.


The panels are lightweight and are most suitable for roofs that can’t bear the weight of normal panels. Installing the CIGS on such roofs won’t apply pressure to them, so you can be rest assured that there would be no break on your glass roof.


Not only does it resistance shade, it’s also built to be resistant to break from severe pressure from earthquake, hailstone, or vibrations.


Mounting CIGS panels is easier hence it costs less than what the other types of panels required.


The Global Solar CIGS panels have a warranty of 25 years.

Being in business for such a long time, the solutions of cost-effective solar panels provided by Global Solar under Hanergy is a good way to take care of the environment and save on energy bills in homes and companies. The CIGS panels by Global Solar are relatively cheap to manufacture and are more suitable for the environment compared to other materials used to build other solar panels. They also have different solar kits that suit different purposes. There are Residential, Commercial, Off-Grid, OEMs, and Mobile Solar kits and they all come with thin-film panels.

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