Give Shopify Setup Service A Chance Today and Get Quick Sales Online

Give Shopify Setup Service A Chance Today and Get Quick Sales Online

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Running an online store is not as easy as it sounds. But with the right ecommerce platform, your business can be affected positively. Its left for you to choose.

Shopify is a hosted ecommerce platform that offers everything you need to begin your online business.
Although, there’s a bit of learning curve during initial setup, customization, SEO, understanding technical jargon, implementing multi-language themes, and more. It’s your lucky day because we came with a deal for you provided by designtly, a service provider and a registered Shopify partner that helps you create an online store and teach you how to manage it.

Give Shopify Setup Service A Chance Today and Get Quick Sales Online

What’s Included in the Service?

When you’re done with the website content, product, and pages information,  designtly will help you create the Shopify store after knowing your needs and aim for your online business.

  • Theme selection: selecting a theme that fits your requirements.
  • Theme installation.
  • Domain setup with Shopify.
  • Homepage design setup.
  • Navigation setup: stress on categories, recommendations, design.
  • Product collections and upload.
  • Content pages.
  • Payment method setup and SSL integration.
  • Contact form.

It includes five product collections, including upload and product options. They will design three content pages, setting up a payment method that suits your business, and a shipping profile with know-how on adding taxes, delivery charges, and customization.

However, you could be charged extra for including product collections, payment methods, shipping profiles, installing additional web services, and training on how to manage your store.

Do You Need a Service Provider for Setting Up Shopify

There are advantages and disadvantages of Shopify. While the ease of use, quality of templates, scaling, and availability of third-party apps cannot be matched, it does take time to get acquainted with the technical jargon of Shopify.

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