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These days it is no longer necessary you meet a person physically to become friends with that person, technology and the internet has helped in making this possible. To meet new people and make new friends all you need to do is pick up your mobile phones or PCs and login to any social media platform then search for friends. There are a lot of social media platforms that can help you with this and Facebook is the commonest of them all.  Firstmet is also another social media platform but more of dating site, for you to use any social media platform you must first pass through the sign-up page, which means you must pass through firstmet sign up page to use firstmet.

FirstMet Sign Up

These social media platforms are not just used to make casual friends, you can also find dates on some and start a relationship, and there are some social media platform that is specially designed to help you find a perfect match and a date, they are generally called dating sites and one of these dating sites is firstmet. After the whole firstmet sign up process and your account is registered activated you can search for single ladies and men to go on a date with. Based on the information you provided when you were signing up and creating your profile, firstmet will help you search for a single man or woman that will perfectly match your preference.

Firstmet Sign Up – procedures

Now that you know the basic things about firstmet dating site, it is time you know how to sign up for the platform. Without firstmet sign up you will not be able to use the platform to look for singles, you can follow the steps below to sign up.

  1.  Ensure your device has an active internet connection.
  2. Launch any browser on your device.
  3. Log on to
  4. Tap or click on sign up
  5. On the next page fill in all the fields correctly then click on the big sign up button at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

If you have an active Facebook account you can skip steps No. 4 & No. 5 and just click on sign up with Facebook at the top of the page. After creating your account set up your profile then you can start searching for singles around you.

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