(FB)Facebook Dark Mode 2020 (iOS & Android) – Dark Mode on Facebook Activation | Facebook Dark Mode Review

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“(FB) Facebook Dark Mode 2020 (iOS & Android) – You must have come across people making use of dark mode on Facebook and wondered, how do they enable it?  Now, don’t allow anyone tell you that it’s difficult or even impossible. With the guide that would be shown to you shortly, you will realize how easy it is to activate dark mode on your Facebook mobile app.

Facebook Dark Mode is a setting developed and added to the Facebook mobile app that enables users to make use of the app at night without having to worry about the intensity of light coming from the app to the eyes. When this mode is enabled, the app interface changes in appearance, making it have a dark nighty look. Dark Mode can also be referred to as Night Mode. So, whether you call it “Dark Mode” or “Night Mode” either way, you are right. With this setting, you can make your app look more unique and attractive to the eyes. People may even wonder if you are making use of a different app.

(FB)Facebook Dark Mode 2020 (iOS & Android)

Dark Mode on Facebook Review

It’s an amazing thing that your Facebook app gets to look even more beautiful but asides that, there are reasons behind the very introduction of this setting. Once you understand these reasons, then you will know when to make a switch from your default Facebook interface to the Dark Mode interface.

Facebook Dark Mode Theme is a mode added to the Facebook app to help users reduce the effect of light which comes from their app when making use of it at night. At night, the intensity of light from our phone screens greatly increases. Reducing the brightness of our mobile device settings may not do all the work, especially when using apps. Some colors in our apps can be really flashy, thereby having an effect on the eyes when looked at for long. So, both light and colors from our Facebook app can affect the eyes when constantly exposed. This was why dark mode was introduced. It helps make use of the Facebook app at night without having to worry about bright lights and colors. This setting also aids in saving our battery capacity since light contributes to draining it.

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Dark Mode on Facebook App

Dark Mode can be enabled on the Facebook app only if you are making use of Facebook on an iOS device. The feature is still yet to come to the Facebook Android app. Hopefully, with time, it would be launched on the Facebook Android app. Those making use of the web version of Facebook can enable dark mode only if they are making use of the New Facebook.

How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook

  • Access your Facebook account using the app.
  • Tap on the hamburger icon at the bottom right of your homepage
  • Scroll down, then click on “Settings & Privacy”
  • You will see Dark Mode below “Your Time on Facebook” and above the “Language” option
  • Tap on the Dark Mode Option to enable dark mode theme

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