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Facebook Watch TV App – Facebook is a service that has helped the entire world connect in different ways. The Facebook Watch feature is one of those features created to help users really enjoy the use of this social networking service. It is called Facebook Watch TV App but doesn’t function separately from the Facebook service. People use Facebook Watch to enjoy their leisure as they get to stream endless videos online. Here, you can find videos of just direct kinds. It functions similarly to YouTube.

Facebook Watch TV App

A lot of Facebook users just feel that the Facebook Watch TV App was created for just short videos especially comedy. You won’t blame them for this because most of them make use of the service only when they have time to. Beyond just normal short videos, did you know you could stream movies on Facebook? I am sure this is coming as a shocker but it is absolutely true. Just the same way you get on other video streaming platforms, you can also get on Facebook to stream movies you. You can enjoy time with your loved ones and friends watching Facebook movies and sharing these movies with other friends too.

How to Watch Movies on Facebook | Movies to Watch on Facebook

Before you can stream movies on Facebook, you are required to be a Facebook user first. Meaning if you don’t have an account with Facebook, you can sign up for one. There are two ways you can watch movies on Facebook. See them below:


First, after signing in your Facebook account using the app or web version, get to the top of your page where you have the search bar and search for the movie you want. For instance, “Money Heist 1”. You would be taken to another page where you have categories at the top. From the categories click “Videos”. You are going to be given different results. Choose the one you prefer to watch.


The second way is to visit the Facebook Watch platform directly. Once you sign in you will see the Facebook Watch icon at the top if you are making use of the mobile app while if you are making use of the web version, you will find the icon at the sidebar found at the left-hand side of your page. Once you click on the icon, you are taken to the Facebook Watch platform where you get to see a lot of videos you can stream. You can search for you the movie you want using the search bar in the Facebook Watch. For instance, search “Miracle in Cell No.7 Full Movie” You will get it with ease.

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