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Updating your Facebook Status is one of the greatest features on the Facebook platform which helps users express themselves at all times. On your Facebook Timeline, you are allowed to post a lot of things including:
• Photos
• Videos
• Links
• Write-Ups
This is one advantage you get when using Facebook compared to some other social media platforms. From the time Facebook was created till now, continues updates have been done to improve the platform for more user efficiency. If you’ve been using FB for at least ten years now, you will agree to this. Facebook Status features have also improved.

Facebook Status

How to Update Your Facebook Status

FB Status update is gets more and more advanced as the FB versions keep evolving. You have the normal status update on your Timeline and also the Facebook Stories features. To update your status on FB, all you need do is:
• Log in your Facebook Account
• At the top of your Facebook Page locate your Timeline with a create post option on it
• Add any post you want there
You have some extra features like:
• Feel/Activity
• Tag Friends
• Tag Event
• Sticker
• Insert Emoji etc.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories is a Facebook feature that enables FB users give details on how their day went. Every update you do on your Facebook Story last for only 24 hours.
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You can include photos, videos, links and write up to your FB Stories. It is similar to the Whatsapp Status. This feature helps you express a lot at once and guess what? You can upload up to 11 stories all at once. You can do a lot of publicities with this feature. Your friends get to see your stories as you can to see theirs also.
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