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Facebook is a social network service which helps users all over the world connects with each other. It was the first of its kind and the idea for this was birthed by a Harvard student who is now one of the richest men in the world “Mark Zuckerberg”. Over the years, Facebook has tremendously grown to have close to 2 billion individuals on their platform. A platform which anyone and everyone are allowed to join. Facebook provided the intuition that it’s possible for people all over the world to meet with each other and communicate. It is really a social network service.Facebook - Social Network Service

In subsequent times, lots and lots of advancement has been presented to users by Facebook. Their features are very interesting and still yet, they keep on doing more to help users have an amazing user experience. You are allowed to access this connectivity platform using;

  • Desktop (FB Desktop Site)
  • FB App ( On Android, iPhone, Windows, and more other devices)

The idea of connecting people together has been so prioritized that they have now created options like;

  • Free Facebook (It requires no data charge)
  • Facebook Lite (Less data charge)

Why You Should Sign Up With Facebook

I for one am a very big fan of FB and I trust you also are. Facebook has successfully succeeded in proving without any reasonable doubts that they are on top of their game. I describe FB as a brand that builds other brands. It is so amazing that a platform like Google hold Facebook of high esteem when it comes to brand rankings. In fact, if Facebook can recognize your presence, then Google definitely will. These are reasons you should sign up with Facebook;

  • You get to build an amazing network, having people from all over the world as friends (No other platform does this better than FB)
  • Facebook can be used effectively as a search engine. On the search bar of FB you can type in anything and get an answer just like you do on Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo etc.)
  • You can build a brand using FB. A lot of persons who started out with fan pages and creating groups which cover a particular niche, now have thousands and millions of followers and this has increased peoples’ awareness of them and what they do.
  • It is the best tool for marketing and advertisement. Many persons have gotten to know and buy products from FB. Even the biggest companies in the world do not joke with having an FB handle for people to reach them.
  • Facebook isn’t a news channel but in subsequent times, have done even better than these news platforms. You get to know about the latest happening all around the world by just getting on facebook.com.
  • FB helps you learn about individuals even if you’ve never met them in your life. Just by going through their profile, you get to know things about them without them telling you or you asking. This has built quite a number of successful relationships. I mean, have met couples who side they met on FB. Isn’t that interesting?
  • On FB, you can get to meet your long seen friends as a result of the FB auto-suggest feature. This feature joins people together based on common interests like; school, place of work, hubbies, residence, associations etc. I must admit, when this first helped me connect with my old friends, I thought it was some magic or sometime. But trust me, it’s magical.

Sign Up For Facebook

This is where the magic all begins. You can’t enjoy this platform by just sitting and watch, guys! You have to sign up. This is what will launch you into accessing all I talked about as to why you should sign up. Here is how you sign up;

  • On your web browser, visit facebook.com
  • Input the following details; name, DOB, Sex, email and mobile number
  • Click “Create An Account”
  • Confirm your details (mobile number or email)
  • Follow the remain steps and complete the process

Now you have an FB account, congratulations and welcome on board. It’s an honor having you with us. It’s time for you to also enjoy this platform. Do well by telling your folks who are not signed up to gladly do.

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