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Facebook Recovery Code is a code which helps FB users regain access to their account after being denied access for one reason on the order. When signing up for Facebook, you are given an option for security and account recovery. If you lose access to your account at any time, you can recover it with all your information intact.

Facebook Recovery Code

Recovering a lost Facebook account isn’t as hard as it seems. Although most times you are advised to visit the FB help center when you are faced with issues as regards Facebook. At the point when you are setting up a new FB account, you can choose your friends as the recipients of your recovery code. When you are in the process of recovering your lost account, this code is either sent to you via email or text. Also, this code can still be sent to those of your chosen friends who you selected while creating your account. Once you input the code where required, your FB account is automatically restored.

Using Facebook Recovery Code to Recover Lost Account

At the point where you try logging in your Facebook account and it seems not to be working, don’t panic. Just take a deep breath and relax. Here is where you need your Facebook Recovery Code. To do this, kindly follow these procedures:

  • Visit your Facebook login page (
  • Select “Forgotten Account?”
  • Input your email address or phone number as requested
  • Meticulously identify your Facebook account
  • From the information above (email or phone number), you will receive your FB recovery code
  • Just input the code where required
  • Reset your password

In other cases, the recovery code can be sent to your friends. Once they receive it, they can then send the code to you for recovery of your account.

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