Facebook Private Friends List – How To Hide Your Friends On Facebook

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Facebook Private Friends List – Facebook as we know it, has lots of features that you can always use to keep yourself. The company has made Facebook users its number priority and tend to focus more on how to deliver maximum satisfaction and bringing their users together. By doing so, the company added a feature called “Friends List”.

The friend’s list feature helps you put together a number of people who they feel are more important than orders. As a Facebook user, your number priority is to get closer to your friends and family. Now you can create a private list for them and enjoy Facebook more.

Facebook Private Friends List

How To Edit Friends List On Facebook

You can’t determine your top friends on your Facebook profile, but you can unfriend them if you want or add them to a specific list. All you have to do is open your “Friends” link, click on the friend button on the right side of the friend you want to include in a list, and choose the desired action.

How To Privatise Your Friends List On Facebook

You can make your friends list private by following these simple steps:
⦁ Log into your Facebook account.
⦁ Go to your profile page and find the “Friends” link.
⦁ Tap the button that looks like a pencil, on the right side and then “Edits Privacy”.
⦁ Select “Only Me” from the drop-down menu if you want your friend’s list to be private.

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