Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

A new look for Messenger has just been introduced. Facebook has changed its Messenger app logo for the first time in 7 years. If you check your Google Play Store or iOS App Store for the Messenger app, you will discover there has been an alteration in its look. Beyond just the look, Facebook added several new features to the app.

The Messenger app logo now has a more colorful appearance. This look signifies that the app is compatible with Instagram. Facebook Messenger users can now communicate directly with Instagram users. Messenger app logo which is a chat bubble known to have a familiar sky-blue color now has a refreshed look. This refreshed look has a gradient of pink, purple, and orange.

Facebook Messenger New Look 2020

Feature of the New Messenger App

  • New Messenger logo
  • New default chat color
  • New Chat themes like; love and tie-dye
  • Custom reactions
  • Selfie stickers
  • Vanish mode

This is a shift to the feature of messaging.

Facebook’s Stand on the New Messenger

In a blog post talking about the New Facebook Messenger, Facebook said, It also meant to demonstrate Messenger’s shift to powering conversations on Facebook’s video communication device Portal and virtual reality headset Oculus.

Beyond Facebook just developing a simple way to message friends, it has been strategically designed to be a place where users hang out with their friends on their favorite app.

There have been additions of amazing features to the Messenger app in the past few months, one of which is Facebook Messenger Rooms. Messenger Rooms is a feature for group video calls with up to 50 persons.

Another feature that comes with the New Messenger is the cross-app communication with Instagram. The company says it will be rolled out in North America soon.

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