Facebook Happy New Year Avatar | How To Create FB Avatar For The New Year

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Facebook Happy New Year Avatar – Avatars are cartoon characters introduced to us by Facebook which can be used to recreate pictures. This avatar feature is something that became quite common in 2020 and has become Facebook’s most used feature to date. In just a few days we’ll be entering a new year and that’s a big relief to most people.

With everything that has happened this year, I know we are wishing to have a better 2021. Crossing into a new with those around you and worth celebrating. For moving to a new year with you, they deserve a gift. By gifts I don’t mean only material things, they are different ways to show someone how much you appreciate them and Facebook has made it even easier to do this.

Facebook New Year Avatar

For the new year, we can show people how happy we are by creating some amazing Facebook avatars. These avatars were naturally created as a means of communication but you can also use them for other purposes. Earlier on, I advised we should all give out gifts for the new year. Using the Facebook avatar feature we can now make gift giving even more interesting.

Facebook Happy New Year Avatar

For Christmas this year, we all saw how many users create some nice avatars and used them as their display picture or even family frames. You can also do the same for the new year by creating a cartoon version of yourself with new year costumes and posting it on FB showing the world how ready we are to celebrate the new year. We can also choose to create some for our family and friends and send it to them.

How To Create Facebook Avatar For New Year

For you to access the avatar feature, you need to have the latest version of the Facebook app on your device. Now follow the steps below to create your own avatar:

  • After downloading the latest version of the app,
  • Log into your FB account.
  • At the top of your home page, click on the icon with three lines.
  • The avatar feature is there alongside some other feature.
  • Scroll down till you can locate the feature.
  • Click on the avatar feature to open.
  • Now you can begin to create your own avatar.

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