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The use of Facebook has become very popular, now the use of Facebook for free is what many are looking to get into with many joining the platform to get a taste of the social media space.

For a very long time many have awaited the Lite mode of Facebook, a mode in which one can get into in order to get access to Facebook contents for free.

This Lite mode or Lite version of the Facebook platform has gotten popular, so in order to bring balance and the easy accessibility of the platform, Facebook free mode was introduced.

Facebook free mode is a mode that gives its users access to the platform without internet data, this means that each user can use the Facebook platform for without having to pay via internet subscription.

The use of Facebook without internet data subscription is what many people engage in because they are out of data subscription.

Facebook Free Use

This free mode has made the accessibility of the platform fun and given opportunity to many who cannot afford to access the platform with the use of data subscription.

Although the use of Facebook without internet is beginning to get popular, there are some perks, or say disadvantages attached to it.

The perks and features of Facebook without Data include,

  • Inability to view pictures and videos
  • A text only Facebook Platform
  • Some other functions may not work on this free mode

Because of these features attached to the use of Facebook without data/internet subscription, many have opted out of its lite use.

But so far, a handful of individuals have come to terms that the use of Facebook without data is the best for them hence why they still use this mode.

How to Use Facebook for Free (How to Activate Facebook Free Mode)

Facebook free mode is accessible for PC users and mobile device users, this is also accessible in web browsers and the Facebook mobile application.

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How to Access Facebook Free Mode on Web Browser (PC & Mobile)

  • To access the free mode on PC and web browser all one needs is an internet connection (Preferably without internet subscription) and web browser.
  • Once the above requirement is met the steps below should follow,
  • The thing is one really needs no data subscription, Launch the web browser
  • On the Web browser search tab, type in www.facebook.com
  • When the web page is open, an option of accessing the free mode is given and its left for one to select free use Facebook for free as opposed to purchasing internet data

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How To Access Facebook Free Mode on Mobile Application?

To use Facebook for free on Facebook Mobile or Facebook Lite, one needs any of the mobile applications, click the texts to learn how to download the application.

Once the application is downloaded, the steps below should follow,

  • Launch the Facebook application
  • Log in or register if need be
  • If there is no internet data, a pop-up screen will appear asking to purchase data or use the free mode
  • If there is internet data, on the top right of the Facebook app screen there is an option to switch to free mode, click the option and you can use Facebook without internet data.

Thanks for reading.

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