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Facebook Dating Free App – Well, Facebook dating has become more common than expected so it is no surprise if you want to know how the dating app works. Facebook dating was introduced in 2017, with the aim of connecting users together. Those who are willing to find love can come here and engage in practical dating.

There are a lot of amazingly great features and benefits that are attached to this dating app on Facebook. These features and benefits are new to the dating world, which is what makes it very unique to users. This is why Facebook dating is a lot more preferable than any other dating apps or platforms.

Facebook Dating Free App

Download Facebook Dating Free App

If you are looking for a relationship that will lead to a happy marriage or a relationship just or the fun of dating and having a partner and hanging out, then you can consider using the Facebook dating app. A lot of effort, time, and skill were put into making a worthy dating site and some are free and some of the best among them requires a monthly or annual membership subscription fee. But surprisingly, Facebook dating is completely free and what is even more intriguing is that it is way better than some paid dating websites.

Facebook can easily charge for the dating app and for a good reason if they want to, but they have chosen to make such an amazing service to their users for free. Also free from silly ads that pop-up every now and then. It is an amazing dating platform so if you are looking for a serious relationship why not give it a try.

How To Download FB Dating App

The procedures stated below will guide on how to download the Facebook app:

  • Firstly, go to your settings in your device and click on allow installation from third party sites.
  • Next, head over to Google and type Facebook apk into the Google search box.
  • Click on apkpure or apkmirror websites that the search results found.
  • Once you have been redirected to the site to download the apk all you have to do is navigate to the download box and click on it.
  • After the download is done, click on it to install.

How To Create A Dating Profile

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • When you have access to your account click the dating notice.
  • After doing that you will automatically be directed to another page.
  • On this page, begin to select your gender and then confirm your location.
  • After confirming your location, there will be twelve tiles and each tile is either a photo or an answer to one of the dating questions.
  • What you must now do, is make sure that the tiles are in order and answer the questions correctly.
  • Having done that then select a photo.

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