Facebook Dating App Download Link 2020 Here

Facebook Dating App Download Link 2020 Here

Facebook dating app is a great means for single users of the Facebook platform to start up fresh relationships. Before the introduction of Facebook’s dating service, there have been other really popular dating services like; Plenty of Fish, Badoo, Tinder, Badoo, Match.com, and more. The question now is, what makes Facebook dating different.

Facebook Dating App Download Link 2020 Here

Actually, Facebook dating app functions like other dating sites but has some unique differences. You should see this.

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Features of Facebook Dating App

There are several features of the Facebook dating app you should know. See below:

  • Secret Crush – This is a feature you have never seen on any other dating site. It is a unique feature not allowed by default that allows users add up to 9 of their Facebook friends. Once you add someone and the person adds you to his/her secret crush list, you both can then get matched.
  • Stories sharing through linked accounts – Understand that you can link your dating account on Facebook to your FB profile and Instagram. Facebook users can share their stories either from their Facebook or Instagram accounts to their Facebook dating accounts.
  • Live Locations – Users can share their live locations. It’s a means Facebook uses to provide security for users of the dating service.

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Facebook Dating for Singles

Users of the Facebook platform have an opportunity to explore more of Facebook’s features as the Facebook dating app provides a means through which they can connect even better. Starting up meaningful relationships and communicating to build connections is the major focus of Facebook’s dating service. At the moment, just a couple of countries have access to the feature, and most recently, it has been introduced to India which is Facebook’s biggest market. On your introduction to the Facebook dating service, you are required to create your own profile in such a way that it attracts others.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating as a service function right on the Facebook mobile app. It’s not a feature that can be accessed on the Facebook web version. You can’t also access the dating service using a link of any sort. Facebook dating app doesn’t function as a stand-alone app from the official Facebook app. So, to access the Facebook dating platform, you need to download the Facebook app.

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