Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Facebook Dark Mode Activate – For over a decade now, Facebook has given us the best of the best. With the platform now having more than 2.3 billion active users, I’m pretty sure no platform will be able to compete with Facebook. Now we have been offered another feature called the “Dark Mode”.

I can assure you this mode is as interesting as its sound. We all are aware of the normal white interface we have on the platform but Facebook has given us something different that we can use to switch. I’m sure when you switch to the dark mode you’ll b amazed with what you see.

Dark Mode Facebook

The dark mode also called “Night Mode” is a feature that completely converts the default white interface into something dark. When the dark mode is activated the entire app turns to black completely given it a night-like look. This feature looks very cool when activate. I must tell you this feature is better and more attractive.

Facebook Dark Mode Activate

This feature doesn’t just look attractive but helps reduce the amount of light entering the eye. Many users get eye defects from looking down on screens for too long and the company thought of how it could help its users so they can enjoy the app well. Because of the dark interface, a limited amount of light enters the eye. Now you switch to this mode anytime you want. It would be like night during the day.

How To Activate Facebook Dark Mode

Before you can activate this mode, you are required to have the latest version of Facebook on your device. Now you can switch to dark mode following this few steps:

  • After updating your device, log into your device
  • At the top of your page, click on the hamburger icon
  • You’ll be directed to a place filled with Facebook features
  • Scroll down to where you have “Dark Mode”
  • Click on it to switch

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