Facebook Cross-App Messaging

Facebook Cross-App Messaging | Insta-Messanger Cross App

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Facebook Cross-App Messaging – Last year, Facebook introduced a cross messaging feature for Instagram and Messenger users. It functions on both iOS and Android devices. With this feature, you can now send messages across to your contacts on FB Messenger without having to leave the app and vice versa.

For you to send messages to Messenger contacts directly from the Instagram app, first you have to update or download the latest version of the apps from your app stores. After the update is done, you can now use the cross messaging feature on any of your devices.

Facebook Cross-App Messaging

How Does Facebook Cross-App Messaging Work?

The moment you enable cross-app messaging, it eliminates the need to leave the app just to cross over to check messages on the other app. This feature also comes with features from Instagram. You can respond or react using emojis, change your chat colors, or create stickers.

Using Cross-App On Messenger And Instagram

Before using this feature, ensure that you are using the Instagram version for Android or version 165.0 for iOS. For Facebook, download version for Android or version 287.1 for iOS.

Enable Cross-App Messaging On Instagram

You can enable the messaging feature on your Instagram app following these steps:

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Click on your profile
  • Select the Menu button
  • Next, ap on Settings
  • Navigate to Privacy
  • Click on Messages
  • Now you can edit how you want to receive your messages.

Enable Cross-App Messaging on Facebook Messenger

  • Launch your Facebook Messenger
  • Click your Profile
  • Beneath Preferences, click on Privacy Tap Message Delivery
  • Customize how you will receive messages from Instagram.

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