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Facebook has over the years always created an exciting way of chatting especially with their emojis features which suddenly make reactions feel real. Sometimes people don’t want to spend time typing, and they may not necessarily want to engage in a video call, so using the expressions on emojis can capture a perfect intention. Seeing how much users love to engage using emojis, I guess Facebook couldn’t help, but take a step further to help them have their own personal reactions in form of avatars, and they are very similar to Bitmojis on Snapchat. An avatar simply put is something that embodies another thing, and in this case, an avatar is a cartoon-like representation of you the user. I’m sure you would love to send out these personal avatars especially when you can’t express some words in letters. Here’s how to create your own avatar.

Facebook Avatar Emoji Creator

How to Create Your Own Avatar

You can either use the Facebook App or the Facebook messenger App, whichever you choose to use, Go to your comment box, Yes, Any comment box on these apps. Click on the sticker button close to the text box, among some options that will appear, select “Make Your Avatar”. This will lead you to your workbench where you’ll be tasked to customize your avatar to look like you by editing the features on the plain character provided. There’s no option for gender, so you’ll have to proceed to apply the effects on the facial features beginning with your skin tone, luckily there’s quite a wide range for this. There’s also quite a versatile range of options for your eye shape, your hairstyle, the shape of your nose as well as your hair color. Interesting, there’s also a feature of a wide range of glasses, just in case that would give your typical appearance.

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Although the options for outfits and some other extra features you would’ve loved to see are quite limited, but hopefully as they improve, they would get to add more details to make these avatars more convincing and super cool.


For those that may not be able to find the option for creating an avatar on your messenger or your Facebook App, try to download the latest versions of these apps. If you happen to have the latest version, and you still can’t find it, you can go to your Facebook Settings, tap on “See more” and then “Avatars”, this way, you can proceed to create your avatar. Trust me, it’s quite exciting to use these avatars to create some very common expressions like a “Hi” or a “Yesss” or a “Thanks”.

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