Facebook Avatar Animation GIF 2020

Facebook Avatar Animation GIF 2020 – CREATE FACEBOOK AVATAR

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Facebook Avatar Animation GIF 2020 – Avatars on Facebook have now become more common than ever. These characters are used to express feelings and thoughts of all sorts when they chat or leave a comment for a post. Back in the day, GIFs and Emojis were used to express how you feel, but now the company has introduced a more advanced version.

The Facebook avatar features are the most commonly used feature on Facebook as we speak. But some people still see GIFs better than the avatar characters. Though I must say, the two features shown how effective they can be in terms of using the platform. But as some of you may agree with me, the GIF has been around for quite some time and that’s why some users still prefer it to FB avatars.

Animation GIF 2020

Facebook added a GIF option in 2017 and is still available for some versions of the social media site. For some, those are plenty of options to create and upload your own custom GIFs or the most popular ones right inside Facebook. These short image clips loop over and over again and are often used to enhance a point you’re trying to make. As communication becomes lost in text, a GIF helps you to relay your mood in written communications.

Facebook Avatar Animation GIF 2020

Ways In GIFs Can Be Used

In comments: GIFs make comments more fun. Whether you’re trolling someone in a heated debate or you’re sending a Happy Birthday wish, they just make commenting better. To add a GIF to comment simply tap the ‘GIF’ icon, search or scroll until you find the perfect one, and tap it.

In Messenger: Sending a GIF in messenger is much the same as posting one in a comment. Tap the ‘GIF’ icon and search for the GIF you’d like to share. Once you find it, tap it and it will send through automatically.

In Posts: Whether you’ve just created a GIF or you have one in mind already, you can add these quirky images to your Facebook Status. Tap the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box as you normally would and scroll down to ‘GIF.’

Now you know how the GIF works. I’ll also be showing you how the features can be used.

How to Download Facebook Avatar 2020 App Free

  • To download or update your app, follow these steps below:
  • Open your Google Play Store or Ios App Store.
  • Search for the Facebook App.
  • Click on “Install” if you don’t have the app and click on “Update” if you already do, so you get the latest version.

How To Access The Facebook Animator On FB

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of your homepage.
  • From the menu, click “Avatar”
  • Create Facebook Avatar

I believe you now know how to these two amazing features work. You can decide to make use of both of them simultaneously because it totally free of charge.

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