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Facebook Avatar 2020 (iOS & Android) – Avatars on Facebook have been one of the top trends on Facebook since April 2020. Since the creation of Facebook, these avatars have been one of the most interesting and fun-filled features. For you to create your Facebook Avatar, you will need to have the FB mobile app. When you create your avatar, you can use them on Facebook web but at the moment, you can’t create them on FB web.

Facebook Avatar 2020 (iOS & Android) – Facebook Avatar Not Working | Create Facebook Avatar

What is Facebook Avatar?

Facebook avatars are cartoon personas that can be used as a proper means for users of the Facebook social media service to easily express themselves. Before the idea for the initiation these avatars; smileys, emojis, and GIFs have been used by Facebook users to express how they feel. These features are already created and made available with most social media and Messenger app services.

What makes these avatars unique is the fact you get to create your very own expressive figures by yourself. This particular feature is similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji and Apple Memoji. Now, you can create your avatar for it to be used to express any feeling whatsoever. At the moment, Facebook is in competition with Snapchat and Apple for these expressive images.

These Facebook avatars are used as tools for communicating with your friends both on Facebook and off Facebook. Most FB users now create their avatars and make use of them as their profile pictures and also to leave comments on posts and communicating on Messenger and other social media platforms.

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Create Facebook Avatar on Facebook iOS App

  • Open your Facebook App
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the bottom right of your page
  • Click on “Avatars”
  • Click “Get Started”

Create Facebook Avatar on Facebook Android App

  • Open your Facebook App
  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top right of your page
  • Click on “Avatars”
  • Click “Get Started”

You can create your Facebook Avatar to look just like you. There are several tools to help your avatar have the perfect look you want. You can choose from the following; Eye color, Type of hair, Facial hair, Accessories, Clothes, Body shape, and lots more.

Facebook Avatar Not Working

If you are trying to access the avatar feature of Facebook so you can create your very own avatar without any success, there are possibly two reasons why this may be happening. These reasons include:

  • Not having the latest version of the Facebook mobile app
  • Facebook Avatar feature not being available in your country.

You must make sure you update your FB mobile app to have the avatar maker functional. Lastly, if you find out that FB avatar isn’t in your country, just be patient until it is launched in your country.

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