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Facebook Account is a personal profile of users on FB. Your FB Account contains your details (FB Profile) and this is what makes you fully participating in the Facebook platform. After you sign up, you can log in in your account using your login details (Email address, Phone number or Username, and Password). To sign in and sign up visit www.facebook.com.

Facebook Account

Facebook Account Security Page

FB Account Security Page is a page on FB which keeps you updated about FB tips on how to properly secure your profile. Normal, Facebook notifies you with tips to keep you secured. Aside from that, you can go to your Facebook Security Settings to make adjustments for proper protection of your profile. But the FB Account Security Page is a page with over 9 million followers. There are a lot of issues currently with online scams. Facebook hasn’t been an exception so security is very important. The page gives you first-hand information concerning recent developments in Facebook Security directly from the Facebook organization.

FB Report Account

On Facebook, you are given the leverage to report an impersonating or a scammer’s account following these simple steps:
• Get on Facebook
• Locate the account of the individual you want to report
• Tap the cover photo of that individual and
• Click “Report”
You can also visit the FB Help Center to report an account.

Facebook Account Delete

FB Account Delete can be done either temporarily or permanently depending on that which you want. You can decide to delete your account temporarily if you want to stay away from Facebook for some time. Deleting your account permanently is a total trashing awa of your presence and all your data on FB.

How to Delete Facebook Account Temporarily

• Using your browser, click the account menu locate at the top right of your Facebook Page
• Click “Settings”
• Click “General” and Select “Manage Your Account”
• Select “Deactivate Your Account”
• Confirm your deactivation

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

• Locate “Settings” on your Facebook page
• Select “ Your Facebook Information” at the left column
• Click “Delete Your Account and Information”
• Click “Delete Account”
• Type in your Facebook Password as asked
• Click “Continue”
• Click “Delete Account”
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