Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Enable Free Facebook – Facebook is still the biggest social networking platform in the world and I doubt it would be hard for any social networking platform to beat that record. The platform is the best to use because it has lots of features loaded on the app and that’s what keeps users interested in using the app.

But some users are limited from enjoying Facebook to the fullest because of bandwidth charges. These charges are most common in places like Africa where they have to pay in order to access the internet. The company took this into consideration and decided to help its users whichever way they can and now the company has introduced free Facebook.

Facebook Free Mode

Free Mode on Facebook as the name implies is a feature that enables users to access Facebook without any form of payment or bandwidth charges. Now users get to access Facebook like everyone else. For you to activate this feature, you don’t need any extra download or app because it is available for you in the app.

Enable Free Facebook

When this mode is activated, you are only limited to uploading images and videos. You can’t also see the images and videos people upload or watch live videos but everything is pretty much free. Now you switch into dark mode whenever you want to reduce the bandwidth charges.

Free Mode App

Like is said earlier, there is no app required to switch to free mode. All you need to do is have a Facebook app and make sure it is up to date so you access this free mode feature.

How To Enable Free Facebook

All you need to do is log into your Facebook account and look at the top of your screen. You’ll see a purple box with “Free Mode” written in it. Click on it to get it activated. To switch back, do the same thing but this time you’re switching to data mode.

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