Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

A lit room can often make the difference when engaging with a community when it comes to streaming. Elgato has been manufacturing its Livestream lighting range for quite some time now, and it’s newest lighting product ( the Ring Light), has been designed to put all the focus on streamers while also integrating seamlessly with the rest of the company’s streaming kit.

Elgato's Latest Ring Light Can Be Operated From A Stream Deck

Not just by controlling the light from the app or with Siri, pre-sets can also be included in Elgato’s Strea Decks, making lighting changes as easy as tapping a button.

Much like the Key Light, the newly designed Ring Light premium, edge-lit LEDs with a color range of 2900 – 7000K. A separate ball-head mount offers plenty of options for positioning, and it’s multi-mount compatible. Elgato products have reputation for selling out fast, but the Ring Light is currently available for $200 at Best Buy.

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