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Opera Mini is a free web browser which is developed by Opera software. This free online browsing app, Opera Mini works pretty much the same way other web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others work. Plus, the web browser offers several features that security and privacy-conscious users tend to favor in order for a smooth and comfortable online browsing experience.

Download Opera Mini

The web browser, Opera Mini was actually derived from Opera web browser. It was initially developed as a lower relative for Opera Mobile, but it is now exclusively developed for Android and iOS. However, before the advent of these aforementioned smartphone operating systems, it was developed for Blackberry Symbian, Windows Phone 8.1, Bada, etc. Although these versions of the Opera mini web browsers are still maintained they are no longer being developed. Note that the web browsing app, Opera mini was primarily designed as a Java Mobile Edition.

Opera mini is a web browser that is distributed and promoted under a freeware license, this, in essence, means that the users get to use the app at no monetary costs. However, previously the web browser was operated on a trialware bases which meant that users had to purchase the app after the expiration of the application free trial period but the practice came to an end in the year 2000 and till date it has been free to use app for all users that download the web browser.

How to Download Opera Mini

Downloading Opera mini web browser to any of your devices such as Smartphones, tablets laptops or personal computer has been made easy and with these steps below you can begin to enjoy the Opera mini experience;

  1. Go to the App store of you several devices Operating system, that is, Playstore for Android, Apple store for iOS/ iPhone.
  2. Input “Opera Mini” in the search bar
  3. When it shows the result, review it.
  4. Click “Install” button to automatically download it to your phone
  5. When the download is complete, click “Open” to enjoy the free experience of the web browser.

The above steps show how easy it Is to download the latest version of Opera Mini web browser on your various devices. Opera Mini requests webpage from the main web browser, Opera Software compression proxy server which compresses and processes requested web pages before sending it to your mobile phone. The transfer speed is increased on the Opera Mini to two to three times as a result of the compression ratio increased to 90% and this, in turn, increases the compatibility of web pages not designed for mobile phones. It should be noted that Opera Mini uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology.

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