Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Join over 1 million players playing the Jumpy Jumpy Game on Facebook. If you are not following this trend at the moment then, there is a whole lot you are missing.

Cheat Codes for Winning Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game

Playing Jumpy Jumpy Game can make you smarter because it tests how fast and steady you can be. If you’ve have never played it on or outside Facebook, you are probably out of ideas on what this game entails but don’t worry, before the end of this article, you will have a good understanding about this game. Kindly follow through.

Details About Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game

This is a strategy game liked by over 5.5 million persons on Facebook. When playing this game of Facebook, the ball is the major focus. As the ball continues descending, players would have to move the ball through ring platforms protecting the ball as they move the tower. This ball mustn’t be allowed to fall. If it does fall, your game is over.

The more you protect your ball from falling, the more you get to earn points. If you want to gain even greater bonuses, you need to move the ball through multiple rings at one.

How Play Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game

•          Open your Facebook Messenger App on your smart device (Android or iOS)

•          Search Jumpy Jumpy Game on the search box at the top

•          Tap on the message button

•          Click on “Get Started”

•          Click “Play Game”

Cheats for Winning Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game

For Immortality – Use the code N4bsjwYx # HJ

To Stop Ads – Use the code JRE1M8af # HJ

To Open All Ball – Use the code xbDb21Uh # HJ

With the help of these codes, you can be ahead of you friends who are also playing this game on Facebook.

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