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When making use of Google voice navigation, you’ll hear travel alarms, which path to utilize, where to go, and in case there’s a superior course. Google Maps, nonetheless, consequently shows map names and spot names in your country’s nearby language.

Google Maps likewise utilizes your gadget’s default language as the route voice. Thus, assuming you need to hear bearings in an alternate language, you’ll need to change the language and voice of spoken headings.

How to Convert Your Navigation Language in Google Maps on Android

On an Android gadget, you can change the voice of Google Maps route from inside the application or by means of your telephone’s settings. Here’s the manner by which to do both.

How to Change the Voice and Language in the Google Maps App

Here’s how to do it on your Android device:

  • Open the Google Maps application and tap on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • Look down and select Settings. Then, at that point, tap Navigation settings.
  • Select Voice choice and pick your favored language or complement.

Note that Google Maps upholds numerous dialects and vernaculars. The English language, for instance, has a few topographical choices, as so do other generally utilized dialects, similar to Spanish.

How to Change the Language Settings on Your Device

You can likewise change the Google Maps voice and language through your gadget settings, if Google Maps utilizes your gadget’s language as route voice. Keep in mind, this technique will likewise change the language of your Android gadget also.

  • Dispatch the Settings application on your telephone.
  • Look down to the System area and select Language and information. On certain gadgets, you’ll need to tap Additional settings.
  • Tap Language and pick your favored language. You may have to tap Add a language and download one.

One of the least demanding approaches to discover your direction to a spot is by utilizing Google Maps spoken bearings and travel cautions. Notwithstanding, the articulated words will not help a lot if the route voice is in an unknown dialect. This aide tells the best way to change the voice and language of spoken bearings by means of both the Google Maps application and Android gadget settings.

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